2.5″ IDE to SATA Module Caracteristicas Converts standard IDE to SATA interface Complies with ATA/ATAPI-6 specification rev 1.0. Support 16-bit Multiword DMA mode and Ultra DMA mode interface. Complies with Serial ATA specification rev. 2.6. Descargas Datasheet IDE_SATA_datasheet.pdf


One Slot Compact Flash to IDE Module Caracteristicas Converts compact flash to 40-pin and 44-pin IDE interface Descargas Datasheet cf_1915_datasheet.pdf


18-bit TFT to LVDS Converter Kit forVSX/VDX Series Caracteristicas Support Vortex86SX &DXSBC to work with AUO LVDS TFT LCD Panel Display (Default) Corresponding BIOS is available for 8.4″, 10.4″, 12.1″ and 15″ Descargas Manuel Datasheet ICOP-0096_UM.pdf ICOP_0096_datasheet.pdf


LAN Adapter Kit Caracteristicas Adapt internal LAN (8 Pin header) for external connection Support Vortex86SX series / Vortex86 series / Vega86 series Descargas Datasheet 0076_datasheet.pdf


AC/DC Switching Adapter for VOX series Caracteristicas Maximum Power 47W AC Input: +100~240VAC@1A, 50/60Hz DC Output: +5VDC@7A, +12VDC@1.5A, -12VDC@0.3A Triple outputs Descargas Datasheet power_datasheet.pdf